Saturday, 30 January 2016

Week 4 - Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

'This full coverage foundation gives a flawless smooth skin finish'

Over the years I've been through countless different foundations.. some that I've loved and have been discontinued, some that were so hideously cheap that they did far more damage to my skin than any foundation EVER should! For someone who can't go a day without wearing makeup, and wouldn't dream of leaving my house without my full face on... it's important for me to have a foundation that actually looks after my skins whilst making me feel confident. Stay Time doesn't dry my skin out, it isn't oily or greasy, and it doesn't cause breakouts if I accidentally leave it on over night (come on - we've all been there, right?) 

Firstly, it comes in a decent sized bottle (30ml) with a pump that you can twist to lock and unlock. This is really convenient for putting in your makeup bag, as you don't run the risk of loosing the lid or getting foundation over the rest of the makeup in your bag.. which for me, can be an absolute nightmare! Secondly, it comes in an option of 6 different shades - porcelain, soft ivory, fair, natural, biscuit and honey - which I personally think covers quite a varied range of skin tones. I use the shade 'fair' during the winter, then 'natural' during the summer when I actually have a slight hint of a tan (roughly the 3 weeks of our British 'summer'). 

Now onto the actual foundation. To apply it, I use my foundation brush to buff it into my skin which I find blends really smoothly and genuinely does leave me with a flawless looking complexion (as it states on the bottle). It has a  matte finish, which isn't for everyone.. but somehow it also doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. I pair it with the Stay Time Primer (also from the 'Seventeen' range) and it definitely does stay put for the vast majority of my 8 hour day at work. Working in the kitchen of a greasy cafĂ©, I often feel like my skin itself gets quite greasy by the end of a shift, leaving my foundation to disappear slightly. Although I think that this environment would do the same with ANY foundation, so I wouldn't take that as negative.. just a massive downside to my job.

So.. if your anything like me, and you want a full coverage look, or if you just need your foundation to stay put during a busy day - then this one will be perfect for you. However, if you prefer a more subtle foundation on a day to day basis, I'd still suggest giving it a try.. just maybe for a night out or a special occasion when you want to look slightly more glamed up, rather than just during the day. 

This foundation is £6.49 and can be found in all both boots and Superdrug. The Primer that I mentioned from the same range is £5.49, and definitely worth using them together if you want that lasting finish. Let me know what you think in the comment box below guys.


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