Thursday, 11 February 2016

Week 6 - Enhance and Glow Luminous Body Scrub

Week 6 - Enhance and Glow Luminous Body Scrub

Week 6 calls for skin rejuvenation! We're getting towards the end of winter.. we've had months of going from freezing cold, blustery weather outside to boiling hot centrally heated houses inside, and I don't know about you.. but it's safe to say that my skins starting to feel the effects! I think it's really important during the winter to take the time to look after our skin, because after all, we need to feel good about ourselves all year round! I personally try to allow myself 30 minutes every evening to scrub, buff, moisturise and attempt to tan my luminous, pearly white skin. 

Avon's 'Skin so Soft' Enhance and Glow Luminous Body Scrub has become my winter essential this year! It's a creamy, pearlescent scrub that has fine grains which feel soft on the skin. Before finding this product I had tried a few different body scrubs and I found them all to have quite  large beads that felt really rough on my skin.. but this one has got the texture just right. I use this scrub 3-4 nights a week and I absolutely love how velvety soft my skin feels as soon as I step out the shower. I also combine use of the scrub, with other 'Skin so Soft' Avon products such as the Enhance and Glow Shimmer Oil Spray or the Enhance and Glow Perfector Body Cream to keep the skin moisturised. The only negative I have for this scrub is that it doesn't particularly leave my skin 'glowing', however it's not too much of an issue as I often use a tanning moisturiser after exfoliating anyways. 

This product can be bought from Avon online, or if you have a local Avon representative that delivers the catalogue's to your door, it can be ordered and delivered to you by your representative. This scrub costs anywhere between £2-£4... I only say this because the 2 times I've purchased the product, it's been on different offers. (I have tried looking on the Avon website for the price but the website has been down all night, boo!) So let me know what you think of the scrub and tell me what skin products are your winter favourites! 😊


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