Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Welcome to 52 Weeks Of Beauty...

So, my 52 weeks of beauty blog will officially be starting in the new year. Basically, I will be reviewing one product each week that I've been loving. It may be a product that I've used for years, or a new one that I've fallen in love with. The thing that will be different about this blog is that all the products will be cheap and affordable! I love reading all the big online blogs, but I tend to find that they use extremely expensive products that they've been sent and are generally out of my price range. So I aim to find the cheap, drugstore alternatives and let you all know what I think ☺️

A few of the products lined up so far are:

-Vaseline Moisteriser - for dry and very dry skin
-Barry M Nail Polish
-Avon Skin So Soft - Luminous Body Scrub
-SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation
-MUA Ultimate Brow Kit

I am someone who works full-time, but for minimum wage, like so many others in the UK. I am currently saving to buy a house, so unfortunately expensive beauty products are a definite no at the moment. I always shop savvie, and often use shops like Savers to buy brand products for a fraction of the price. So as well as reviewing products, I will also be giving you helpful tips on good drugstore offers.

I hope you like the sound of this blog, have a very Merry Christmas and make sure to pop back for the new year. 


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